Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Craziness Continues

Life is still crazy busy around here. Good, but *busy*. I'm once again not finding enough hours to sleep. (Whoops!) I'm still behind on blogging (I'm still working on March, let alone April), definitely behind on blog reading, and *way* behind on responding to e-mails. *sigh*

Summary of current WIPs: Klaralund is coming along, I've finished a ball on each sleeve (photos to come... if I get that far). Swapna's socks (first pair) is just past the heel on the second sock (one progress photo taken, will try for a second, ditto). I wound the yarn for the Maid Marian vest last night, and, while I was at it, most of the handspun for my first from-handspun socks. (Yes, I have a few pairs I've promised others to finish first, but now they'll be ready when I am.) I still haven't finished my painting, although I did have fun last night at the club.

My wee sock swap sock arrived the other day... I love it! Again, photo to come. ;)

Okay... now to post some photos.


Kelli said...

Guess craziness is going around. Hope things settle down for both of us a bit soon! At least craziness=busy, which is usually good, for the mood at least.

Laz (acraig) said...

What's a sock swap sock? It sounds like something fun to find in the mail! I want a sock swap sock!

noricum said...

I posted about the wee sock swap a week or two before this one. (I'm too busy and brain-fried to look up the post right now, sorry. I put off replying in the hopes of being less busy, but that's probably not going to happen until August now. :P ) If you'd like to do a wee sock swap just between the two of us, send me an e-mail and we can work out details.