Friday, April 18, 2008


My two exam period regulars have left for the day (full brains), which leaves me with just over an hour to kill before I can go home. (And sleeeeeeeep! I haven't been getting enough all week.) I have a paper I need to review, though, so I'll just say a brief hi before I get to that.

I was just reading a CBC article on dreams (how to reduce them in children based on what you do when they're babies), and it reminded me that I wanted to blog about dreams.

I had a *really* interesting dream last night. It was actually an enjoyable dream, kind of like I was in a fantasy-mystery story. I had just bought a house with a lot of character, and I was discovering that it had a lot more than what was normally considered character... basically there was something magical about the house. For example, something like spirits or magical people could leave me messages in the form of magically appearing letters; across the back lane there was an old table with a painting on it that briefly came to life; undiscovered parts of the house kept appearing, as did really useful, "left behind" items from the previous owner. Sadly, just as I was about to figure out what was going on (I discovered a port-hole type thing in the ceiling, that when opened actually opened a big chute, and I could hear something that I knew would explain everything was starting to come down), my stupid alarm went off. *sigh*

I've been having a lot of strange dreams lately, and inevitably wake up sweaty. I don't like waking up sweaty. :P

Last Saturday morning's dream was really funky... I was in an apartment-house related to the place I had in Chapel Hill, but I was away lots, and wasn't remembering to look in my mail for bills that weren't going paid. There was some weird stuff going on with that place too, but not the exciting/happy weird that this morning's dream had. While I was waking up, I was dreaming that I was lying in bed in the dream house too, and that the sun was streaming in on me (like it was in real life), but that I wasn't able to get up (ditto... because I wasn't awake enough). I finally managed to come out of the dream enough that I could get up, but it took quite a while for my brain to get out of the fog. I'm wondering if it's because the sun woke me up in the wrong part of my sleep cycle.

(Oooo... I actually got another person stopping in while I was writing this! That makes three for today! He only asked a brief question, but said he'd be back next week.)

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