Saturday, April 05, 2008

I Came, I Saw, I Purpled

Yarn Purchase

I intended to get a skein of Noro sock yarn at the sale on at Wolseley Wardrobe, but I couldn't decide which colour. Since I'm also planning on going to Ram Wools tomorrow (to spend my gift certificate at *their* sale), and they have Noro sock yarn too (on sale, I believe... it was too new at WW to be on sale there), I decided to hold off. (Not that I'll have *any* difficulty finding things I want at Ram Wools. Heh. Now that's a *funny* thought, not finding things I want at Ram Wools!) I didn't leave empty handed, though.

In my defense, one of the pairs of socks will be a present for someone, possibly both. (Although, frankly, I'd enjoy having both of these end up in my sock yarn drawer too.) And the Maid Marian Vest kit was 30% off. And such pretty colours. And probably a quick knit, and I've just finished a sweater. And... um... have I mentioned it's been a tiring week, and I think I've earned a reward?

Hey! What's that over there? ...Yarn? What yarn? I don't see any yarn here...

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Sallie said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous colored yarns. Have fun.