Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The student I tutor wanted to meet this morning at 9:00 sharp, so I rushed to get here before then. (My normal bus would get me about five minutes after... assuming I wasn't lazy and moving slowly, and ended up on an even later bus.) It's now 9:21 and he isn't here yet.


Kath said...

I've a personal pet peeve about folks who make an appointment with me, or require I make one with them, and leave me waiting. This includes doctors, dentists, etc.

Anonymous said...

Did he ever come?


noricum said...

Yeah, he arrived about two minutes after I posted this. If we had done our usual "shortly after 9" routine, I wouldn't have minded, but he wanted to start at 9 sharp since I was cutting him off at 12 sharp so that I could have a half hour for lunch before my afternoon hours started. In order to be there for 9, I had to be faster than usual in order to catch an earlier bus.