Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ram Wools

I, uh, spent more than my $10 gift certificate... but not as much as Friday, thankfully. ;) My purchases:
Ram Wools Purchase
I bought the book in order to make this pattern:
Gorgeous Cardigan
I also picked up some free patterns that were being given away:
Free Patterns
They may be "oldies", but they look like "goodies". :)

I touched the Malabrigo baby lace again (first felt at WW on Friday), and had the same "OMG WANT!!!" reaction, even though I *know* I don't like knitting lace. I may yet succumb, but so far I've held strong. ;)

I noticed there was some Ram Wools Selkirk yarn in an absolutely *gorgeous* honey colour. A sweater's worth almost came home with me, but then I decided I should finish those final seams in Durrow to see how I like wearing the yarn first.

I looked for the EZ book I had postponed buying in January (I'm not sure I would have bought it this trip, or waited until the August sale, but I at least wanted another look). However, there were *no* EZ books whatsoever! One of the staff looked up the title I think I wanted (The Opinionated Knitter... I think that's the one with both the adult baby surprise jacket and tomten patterns), and it was listed as "obsolete". Uh... yeah. Methinks they don't read Jared Flood's blog!


MrsFife said...

I'm happy I was able to contribute a bit to your purchases!

noricum said...

Thank you again!!! :)