Friday, April 18, 2008

Last Minute Contest Entry

Last Minute Contest Entry

Frankly, I've been so busy, I really haven't had time to think about Sara's contest. (I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to enter, since I was one of the winners of her come-up-with-a-contest contest, but I thought I'd try anyway... anything for a slim chance at a Loopy Ewe gift certificate!) To enter, I have to post a picture/story of my worst FUG. With my fried brain, I couldn't think of my worst FUG, so I wandered around my apartment... and came across these. They started off "meh"... and have now progressed to something that could certainly compete as my worst FUG.

The story behind these... well, I was cheap. I saw the really cool Fiber Trends felted boot slippers pattern, and thought "I can make my own pattern, no problem!" and then ordered some 100% Lopi wool off Elann.

When it arrived, I made up a tiny felting swatch and tossed it in the wash. I based my calculations upon the original dimensions and shrinkage.

Now, while what came out was reasonably functional, it wasn't really as pretty as the Fiber Trends ones. Also, the wool didn't felt into a solid fabric like Patons Classic wool would. The sole quickly wore out. I tried needle felting on a patch, but that didn't hold for long. Then I darned it... but with yarn that didn't match either the sole or the top. (I was travelling, and was what I had with me.) The darns didn't look that sturdy, so once I was home, I added some patches made out of a felted sweater... in yet another colour. One of the inside patches I haven't sewn down completely, so it sort of crumples up inside.

Functional? Yeah. Pretty? No. Fug? Definitely getting there. Worth a Loopy Ewe gift certificate? Pleeeeeease! Pretty please with sugar on top! Oh, won't you please vote for me when Sara puts her poll up? (If I'm allowed to enter, of course!)

Okay... now to sleep. This weekend is pretty crammed too, with an art workshop tomorrow, laundry, grocery shopping, a paper to review... and preferably some around-the-house stuff and fun stuff too.

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