Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Silly Quiz

46 words

Oooo... I've improved since high school!


Daph said...

That was fun -- I thought I was faster (since my job involves tons of typing) but I only got up to 65, lol.

Anonymous said...

I got 82 CHARACTERS per minute (not words) whatever that means.


noricum said...

That means you would have gotten a lousy mark in my high school typing class. ;) They estimate words at 5 letters, so you only got ~16.4 words per minute. In high school, I think I managed around 25-30 wpm, and that wasn't high enough to get me more than 77% (if I remember correctly) in the class.

I did the test again, and this time got 60 wpm (fewer distractions), or 331 characters per minute. (Scroll down further for the words per minute, it's in a box that looks like mine.)

Julie said...

Heh. 85 words per minute. I'm freaking myself out here.

Adriane said...

68...improvement since high school typing class