Monday, April 21, 2008

Found on Flickr

Polkadot Hedgehog

I have to admit... I succumbed to the cuteness and bought this little fellow. (I had just earned $150 last week tutoring, so I didn't feel so bad, though.) I can't wait to have my adorable little pincushion! :) (I keep meaning to make a pincushion, but so far haven't found the time. Now I don't need to, unless I want to.)

I love supporting fellow artists and crafters. :) (Now if only I were independently wealthy, and could do so to my heart's content... but not necessarily by buying stuff... my apartment would become too cluttered.)

2 comments: said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and blogging this cutie!!
She is on her way, flying all the way to Canada from England.
Please look after her! big hugs xxx

noricum said...

I'll do my best!