Monday, April 28, 2008


Methinks it's toast. It's FUBAR in iTunes:
FUBAR in iTunes
and it's FUBAR in Disk Erase:
FUBAR in Disk Erase
Toasty, toasty, toast. Looking at this site, I think it's the logic board.

I'm sleeping on it overnight (well, not on the iPod, but on the decision on what to do), but it looks like I need to go shopping for a new thingy to listen to podcasts on. (That's pretty much all I use it for these days.) One of the other guys in the department is thinking of buying my iPod off me, because he has the exact same model with a toasted hard drive.

I'll let you know what happens.

Any recommendations on what I should do? (Other things to try to fix it, or suggestions on what sort of replacement to go with?)


jessie said...

I read somewhere that iPods have a lifespan of around two years, if that. I got mine as a refurb on eBay and other than needing an occasional restore, it's running fine.

Our library just started offering free eBooks for mp3 players, but not iPods. So I stick with, which can get expensive. If your library has a service like that you might consider switching from an iPod to...anything else. Good luck!

noricum said...

I have a vague recollection that our library doesn't let you use macs... yep, no macs or iPods: "At this time, OverDrive Media files cannot be used on iPods or Mac computers." So, since I'm also a mac user, I can stick with iPods without detriment. ;)

I can't remember how old my iPod is... it's the same age as my laptop, at any rate. I imagine the occasional accidental tumble didn't help my iPod's lifespan any. (Even with the rubber coat it had to reduce the shock a bit.)

Looking back in my photos (because that was more interesting than looking in my receipts), my laptop (and thus, my iPod) will be four years old this August. Thankfully my laptop is still going strong.