Thursday, April 24, 2008

Saturday I was wearing shorts... I was not.

Spring Snow

Spring in Winnipeg is a funny season. Generally I think of it as a very short season of mud. In reality, in addition to the short season of mud, we also have a longer period where it can't decide if it's still winter, or already summer.

The weather last Tuesday was especially strange... there was lightning, and also snow mixed with the rain. (But it didn't stick.) Mom and I were in the car when it started. One lightning strike struck so close to home that the fire alarm beeped just before Bob saw the flash!

Today the ice on the power lines (plus the wind) caused lots of brown-outs in the office. At first I thought I was so tired that my eyes were taking long blinks... but then my student confirmed that the lights kept blinking.

Coming home tonight, there were icicles hanging from street signs that were around three inches long... and hanging at an angle. (Did I mention it was also windy this morning? It's still rather blustery now.) I didn't get a photo because I was rushing for the bus. It was already after 8 pm, so I didn't want to miss the bus that was already waiting at the stop. (*sigh*... extra tutoring provides nice extra spending money, but the amount I'm doing this week is exhausting.)

I'm *tired*. I will go to sleep earlier tonight. But not just yet...

Spring Snow

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Sara said...

and I thought Alabama weather was weird!