Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Since the frost is melting...

...I thought, perhaps, I should put something up in my bedroom window. (I don't want to totally block the light, but I probably shouldn't rely on the fact that my neigbours nearly always have their blinds closed.) I had some fabric I had meant to use to keep dust off my bookshelves, but I hadn't gotten to that project... and it was perfect for this.

Lesson #1: Don't iron synthetics, or test the iron temperature more thoroughly first:

However, even without ironing (and the inch of fabric I had to cut off), I still ended up with a respectable result:


Deneen said...

I always wash them on gentle (the synthetic curtains, put them through an additional spin to get more of the wetness out and then hang them damp and the weight gets the wrinkles out. I don't "do" irons.

noricum said...

Normally I wouldn't iron something like this either... I was just trying to press in the creases to make sewing easier.