Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Move Progress Update #6

*** Breaking News ***

Dad cleaned up some of his junk from the basement! There is now visible counter space in the downstairs "bathroom":
Not pretty counter space, but still, it used to be buried under a pile of junk. (I will need to use this space while renovating upstairs.)

Of course, it's still a cluttered goat trail to get *to* the bathroom:
(Off in the background there is another spot he de-cluttered... previously there was a lot more there.)

Easily amused: I like seeing people's reactions when I show them the floor of the shower stall:
Uncle's suggestion: build a platform of wooden slats to stand on while showering. (Good thing I have his workshop easily accessible!) The neighbour (who is a real estate agent) also mentioned there's paint meant for tubs that might do the trick. (It will never be pretty, but it might get at least as far as "sanitary". (Hopefully better than "when was your last tetanus shot?".)

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