Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moving Games

I've been playing moving games. Like "where in the kitchen should I put the crockpot", or "are there any storage places that the largest mixing bowl will fit"? Or "what box do you suppose has my sun hat" or "what box has my jacket"?

The obstacle course is also entertaining. See that rubbermaid tote with the white lid behind the green backpack?
Yeah, that one at the far side of Mount Boxes. Well, there was another rubbermaid tote under it that had something I needed... and so I got to arrange a parting of the boxes.

I'm currently sharing my dining room with a miniature rain forest.

There's a bit more to do at the apartment (one more evening of packing, one evening of moving, and then the final cleaning), and then I can get back to business here.

Can you guess what I'm doing this long weekend? :P

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