Friday, June 29, 2012

A Girl's Gotta Have Priorities

Yesterday, in exchange for beer (shoot, beer is *expensive! I think I've spent more at the liquor store this month than I have in the past ten years!), my neighbour and his son helped me move the last of my stuff.

Today mom helped me with the final cleaning, and then I turned in all of the keys except the building key I had to get back from my dad.

When I got back to the house, dad was there, and so then I could get that last key from him (turned in!), and pester him into talking to Shaw so that I could use the PVR my brother left me. (The registered owner had to call and do the transfer, so that they know it's not stolen.) An *hour* (and a second phone handset) later (what the heck were they *doing* over there?!?), and I now have a hooked-up TV and PVR. :)

I even shifted a few of the boxes, and so now can see the TV from the couch:
Of course, being summer, there's nothing on to watch... but if there was, I could watch it now.

Hmmm... I wonder where I put those taped shows I didn't have time to watch last month? (That would require hooking up the VCR too, but I'm pretty sure I know where all the pieces for that are.)

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah! for being all done. (At least in the old apartment.)