Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Move Progress Update #5

Master bedroom, current colour scheme:
(It's dim lighting... the top of the walls and ceiling are white.) Trying to decide what colour I want this room. Bunnies are going. (I put them up, but they're rather old now.)

Master bedroom floor:
When they weren't doing other things on Saturday, I had them scraping the floor. The underlay is being stubborn. Next attempt: Fantastic and a scrubby pad. (Thank goodness for my respirator!) If that doesn't work, I'll get some of those stick-on vinyl tiles (hopefully they won't off-gas too much... I'm allergic to fresh vinyl) so that I have a surface that I can keep clean for now.

I'm pretty sure that floor we can see here was the original floor. (It's unfinished because the parts visible were under the original closet walls.) I'd like to take up the linoleum and refinish the floor. I investigated under a corner of the linoleum in the closet, and found this:
Curses. I strongly suspect that contains asbestos, given what I've read. That will complicate the removal of the linoleum.

Looking at the transition between the art room and hallway floors, it looks like the linoleum was put down in the hall too:
Odd how much higher the hallway floor is. Dad said it might be that a plywood subfloor was added over the old floor. Contemplating how best to find out what the layers on that floor are.

Hmmm... the kitchen floor is also higher than the dining room floor... wonder if they did the same thing there? I can examine the layers at the transition there quite easily.

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