Monday, June 04, 2012

More Raspberry Work

These raspberries will look good if I have to do all the work myself! Oh, wait... I am doing it all myself. Never mind.

Drilled holes, added eye screws, stretched wire, tied up raspberries:
While we're looking at these, here's another close-up shot of the weird vs normal raspberries:

The sidewalk beneath these raspberries had pine needles, elm seeds, and other junk. There were three empty trash cans, and pick-up is Monday. So, using a ratty rake and a broken snow shovel (note to self: acquire new snow shovel before winter), I cleaned up this walk, the spill-over along the other raspberries, and the dead leaves on the garbage can pad. After:
Some of it was probably good compost, but lots of it had weeds growing in it, blown-in trash (we're at a corner of two back lanes, and so collect blown trash), and probably whatever gunk the snow plows left behind with the snow in the winter. Plus I didn't feel like sorting it.

The black trash bag was added by dad the next day. I didn't take the "after" shots until the next day, because I was out until near dark (bad photos) when the mosquitoes started biting.

So, how do you party on a Saturday night?

Also on the "good to have" list: broom suitable for sweeping sidewalks. (The "after" photos would have looked even better had I had a broom.)

Oh, and for a "before" shot for comparison, this photo from the other week gives an idea of the amount of spill-over that was bothering me:
(Amazingly, the trash people *did* take away that big bundle of dead canes! I was worried the string would break, and I'd be left to re-bundle them for the next pick-up.)

Also interesting in the before shot... the raspberries between the trash cans and the gate have filled out quite a bit in the past few weeks! I still need to properly train them. (I need to drive a second stake first, and figure out how I'll attach the wire to the metal stakes so it doesn't slip down. Why metal? I can get it for free from dad's junk piles, plus that's what the stake already there is.)

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