Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I just spent two hours scooching around on the floor pulling staples (¡underlay¡) and nails (tack strip), and scraping off the lumpiest bits of paint. I also took down posters (whoops, some of the tape pulled off paint or wallpaper) and removed the cardboard where the linoleum is missing. (Looks like the flooring under the linoleum is fir... not sure if it's meant as an underfloor, or if it was ever the actual floor.)

(Hmmm... forgot to hit "publish" last night...)


Tony Mantler said...

The subfloor boards should be running diagonally. If it's running straight across it should be finished flooring.

noricum said...

Awesome!!! It's running straight across (from the closet to the window, which I think is also the way things are supposed to run.)

Hmmm... I'm not sure if I remember the stuff on the ceiling of the toy room running diagonally... nope, that runs straight across too. (Also east to west.) Do they ever have floors without subfloors?