Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Move Progress Update #2

Dad's been going through the rooms on the second floor, and says what is left is either my brother's, or the house's. (I'll go through it and pull out any of his stuff that made it in, and sort the remainder into keep / donate / recycling / trash.) However, there's a bunch of stuff still left that I need to sort, and it's in the way.

In the blue room (to be art room):
(Plus a double bed that will be the guest bed, but the guest bedroom is a different room.)

Guest bedroom:
(No one is sure where that door is from... I think it was to the entrance to the room dad used as an office, but used to be unheated. It's thicker than the bedroom doors.)
Note: I forgot to take a photo of the contents of the closet at the back of that last photo. It's crammed with bags of stuff half way up.

Dad's office (one day will be a sun room):
(That hump shaped thing is actually a chair when flipped over... I tested it out, and it's surprisingly comfortable.)

In order to be able to get *my* stuff in (preferably in the room where it will end up, or at least out of the way), I wanted to move the "to sort" stuff out of the blue room and guest bedroom. A friend and her son returned Saturday afternoon and helped me do that.

Mission accomplished. Stuff out of upstairs rooms. They're now occupying the office, which can no longer be entered.
To do: sort my way back in!

The spare door is now in dad's office. Since I want to remove the carpet from there, I thought I'd rip up the section where the door will sit for now.
See that black stuff? It's a fine powder created from the carpet backing disintegrating. :P (Now vacuumed up.)

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