Sunday, June 10, 2012

House Update

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells,
And carpets all in a row.

...Wait, what?
Yep, you heard me. Carpets. (And underlay.)

Mom and I were over at the house again today. Mom washed walls (and venetian blinds), then attacked the carpets in the master bedroom.

After putting this week's bread on to bake (bread machine), I mostly sorted through stuff in what was once the "toy room". I also assisted a bit with mom's tasks: Fetching hammers, scissors, screwdrivers, etc; putting something underneath the dripping blinds; getting the end pieces off and back on; hauling the carpet and underlay out to the garden.

Basically, the carpet is going to pretend to be weed barrier until I have time to get out there and do some digging. Then I'll remove and toss a section at a time, so that I don't overwhelm the trash folks. Plus, I think we already gave them enough to deal with today:
There's actually not a lot *in* the trash cans, because most of the bags were too big. The pink one is empty, and one of the grey ones is only half full. I'm not sure if the other grey one is actually full, or if it just looks that way because the bag was too big to settle to the bottom. Plus, there's three full recycling bins, plus one large cardboard box of recycling.

So... how does stuff look now? Master bedroom:
The linoleum floor is not too bad, if you ignore the paint splotches. Or the places where it's missing altogether, because the large closet used to be two smaller closets, and there's no linoleum where the walls once were. Plus there's a big patch where the underlay glued itself to the linoleum, and I need to scrape it off:
Oh, and we haven't taken the staples out yet (the ones that were holding down the underlay.)

These are the shelves I was working on in the toy room:
I still need to sort through the bottom three shelves on the left, plus the top two in the middle. The rest contains things I'll keep (for now), plus a shoebox of pottery my brother and I made that I want to photograph before I toss. (I think I'll keep the funny looking frog I made in preschool, though.)

All this stuff is headed to the thrift store, woot!:
Two of the boxes are ones that dad filled. I had a quick check through to see if there was anything I wanted (I pulled out some puzzles to give to a friend) and then added more stuff to. The other three I filled today, and there's another started in the toy room.


HomeGardenExpress said...

Was searching for some pictures of trash cans for our site and just happened on your blog. We have so many different garbage bins like the old metal ones you have pictured as well as the brand, spanking new ones we ordered with wheels. They all sit on the curb every week like an multi-generation family. :) Love the carpets on the weeds. We use tarp on the side house ones and then put rocks on top to make it look...nice?

noricum said...

The rocks probably help prevent the tarp from blowing away. ;) The trash cans have featured in a few posts lately, since, with my dad moving out and me moving in, we've been doing a lot of purging. (We recycle and donate what we can, but there's still a *lot* of trash!) Did you see this post:
Where you can see the pink trash can clearly? It must be at least 40 years old! (I'm 36, and my parents bought the house a few years before I was born. The trash can is painted the same colour that the house trim was when they moved in.)

Scunge said...

The toy room seems to be missing its ceiling! Looks like you've done a lot! Hope you get to move in soon. :)

noricum said...

Yes, it is indeed missing the ceiling. Did I neglect to mention that in one of my earlier posts? My dad is great at getting things functional, but not so great at the finishing touches. When I was a kid, my parents redid the bathroom, which happens to be located directly above the toy room. In order to move the plumbing, they took off the toy room ceiling. My dad meant to put in a floating ceiling, but never got around to it. It's on my list of things to do. :P (Not super high... prepping my bedroom is first, but not super low either.)

I will have to move in soon, ready or not... I told my landlord I'd be out by the end of June back in April. (Oh, how optimistic I was! *sigh*)

Anonymous said...

¡Underlay! ¡Underlay! ¡Arriba!

noricum said...