Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Move Progress Update #4

Guest bedroom!
(Painting by my uncle.)

Art room!

(Closets are empty in both rooms.) Both floors are vacuumed / mopped. Most of the baseboards have been cleaned with a wet cloth (forgot inside the closets, and there's one more wall to do in the guest bedroom). Walls haven't been cleaned yet. Both will be repainted at some point, but not a high priority. Plants will move too (art room for sure, guest bedroom maybe). Oh, and I need to take the plastic off the windows so I can clean up the dead bugs. Ugh! (Hopefully if I repair the caulk then I won't need the plastic.)

Both will probably get cluttered again as I move my stuff in, but then hopefully will soon return to a usable state.


Tony Mantler said...

You'll still need the plastic, the windows don't close properly.

noricum said...

Really? They looked closed. It isn't just the gaps in the frames?