Monday, August 06, 2007

Weeding and Mosquitoes

I attacked the garden until I reached my limit of the mosquitoes attacking me. The downside of an overcast day is that there's more mosquitoes out. I still didn't really do much in the two areas that need attention the most... they're also the most annoying to deal with. I started out in one of the spots, then let myself get distracted by the non-hedge plants in the hedge (which is right beside the bad spot). When I was done de-non-hedging the hedge, I decided I had enough... but then got distracted on my way to put the tools away by the weeds peeking out of my neighbour's peonies. So I did those. And I trimmed the non-lilac out of her lilac. Then weeded a little patch of her garden that needed it, and was much easier than my spots that need it. By then I'd *really* had enough of the mosquitoes, and had also nearly filled another trash can with weeds, etc.

At least the two bad spots in my yard are self-contained (and thus won't spread), and are also not terribly visible.

Perhaps next weekend I'll have more luck with them.

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