Sunday, August 05, 2007

Soft Tree

I've wanted to make a soft tree ever since I first saw them... they're so cute! Well, today I finally made one. I used some more of the fulled thrift store sweater, plus some embroidery wool from an abandoned embroidery project someone gave me:
Soft Tree Soft Tree (back)
It actually looks cuter in person. (Of course, I may be biased.) To see more soft trees, check out the flickr group.

So far with this sweater I've patched my slippers (haven't gotten around to taking a photo of them yet... but I also haven't finished sewing the patches securely yet either), made two cases, and this tree. I haven't got much left... I can probably squeak out another tree and a case for my nostepinne, but that's about it. I think I made a good investment with my $4. ;)


Deneen said...

That's really neat too! Good thinking!

Kelli said...

Cool. I love the soft tree! It will go nicely with your many Christmas ornaments, even though it's not an ornament. :-)