Monday, August 20, 2007

Lipizzaner Stallions

My daddy took me to see the Lipizzaner Stallions yesterday. Lots of pretty horses! (Unsurprisingly, there were *lots* of little girls in the audience.) I took photos, of course:




Whoopsie! He fell off his horsie. He got it on the next try, though:






Now, before you complain about me inflicting a bunch of boring, blurry photos on you, it could have been much worse:
Oh... wait... I just inflicted that on you. Nevermind. (At least I didn't upload and inflict all the others!)

Amusingly, there was one segment that went all patriotic-Canadian, about how there were *Canadian* soldiers who were with General Patton (an American dude) when he daringly and dashingly rescued the pretty horses from the evil Russian horde who probably would have eaten them. Did I mention this troupe is based out of Florida? I'm guessing that in the American shows, there's a really American-patriotic section there that has no mention of Canadians whatsoever, but they figured it wouldn't go over so well in Canada. So, instead of coming up with something interesting, they put a *Canadian* spin on that segment. Um... whatever.

But the horsies were pretty to watch while they trotted around in circles! (Despite most of my photos being of them rearing up, mostly they just did their "dressage" steps: Look! Two horsies walking in unison! Now we can do *three* horses walking in unison! And it gets better... *four* hourses walking in unison!!!) Their shiny coats positively *gleamed* in the spotlights!

All in all, a lovely time ogling the pretty horses!

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