Thursday, August 02, 2007


I won a blog contest! Yay! (Too bad she wasn't able to get a definitive answer as to what the yarn was.)

Just for fun, last night I filled out the profile survey at eHarmony... I'm in the 20% they can't help. :P

I finished making a purple thread snowflake at lunch. The purple thread is crunchy, and a royal pain to work with. (Beyond the fact that it's thread.)

Last night I used some of the sweater felt to make a case for my swift, and used some more to start making a case for my niddy noddy. (I already used what I needed for my slippers, which just need a bit more securing of the patches for the current patching job to be called "done".)

I'd like to have a foot rest at work... I think I would be more comfortable with one. I figure I can make one... if I knew what height to make it. Perhaps I'll just guess at the height and slope. On a related note, my legs and feet are still bothering me.


Lucy said...

Are you joking about the 20% they can't help???

noricum said...

Sadly, it's *not* a joke. :P

Anonymous said...

Just for perspective, another friend of mine who is now married was also in the 20% that eHarmony said it couldn't help. :)

Paulina said...

errr..."anonymous" up there was me. :P

Kelli said...

I was in the 20% the first time I filled out their questionnaire, and then not just a few weeks later when I filled it out again on a whim. It's all a bunch of crap.