Monday, August 13, 2007

A little personal history

Antique UFO Old Supplies
These were in an old jewelry-style box that was in with my grandma's things. My mom gave me the box, and I'm fixing it up. (It's kind of ratty, and is smelling musty.) I'm not keeping these... the embroidery is stained, and not that nice looking anyway (besides being incomplete), this particular skein of floss is badly faded, and there isn't really enough of the mending nylon to be worth saving. (I'm saving the other skeins of floss, if I can get the mustiness out of them, though. The boning also bit the dust, though.)

It's kind of entertaining... the mending nylon can be used to repair sheer hosiery if you separate the plies. Not much repair of hosiery goes on these days!

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