Monday, August 13, 2007

Durrow comes to a seaming halt

Woo hoo! Four pieces complete:
Durrow WIP

Washed, laid flat, and drying:
Durrow WIP

Seaming started, and... eep!
Durrow WIP
Sleeves are *way* too "fitted"... the upper arm is skin tight, stretched to it's fullest extent, and the sleeve doesn't really pull all the way up, stretching out the neck. (I should have trusted my instincts that they were going to be too narrow.)

Solution: Side pieces that extend into the arms will be knit and inserted. (In progress.)

Meanwhile, after pulling out some of the sleeve seaming and knitting the neckband, it looks just right!
Durrow WIP
(I think I did the ribbing just a bit longer than called for.) So, for some reason, the neck came out just fine on mine, when everyone else's was whopping huge. (I bet they had sleeves that fit too, though.)

Current state of Durrow:
Durrow WIP Durrow WIP


Daph said...

It's gorgeous -- I *love* that color. And I really, really like your glasses. :)

noricum said...

Thanks! (Me too! :) )

Knittah said...

Great progress!

jessie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Durrow sleeves. I believe that was the pattern where I recently read the designer said she wished she had done some things differently, including making wider sleeves. A little late, but whatever!

noricum said...

Hrm. I had heard she meant to make the neck smaller, but I'm not sure I had heard about the sleeves.

I'm thinking perhaps I'm going to widen the whole sleeves and body to make the sweater baggy like I like it...