Monday, August 06, 2007


This morning I looked out the front door and saw two wee chololatey wild bunnies romping around the lilac bush. So cute!

Today is a holiday in Canada. (At least, I *think* all of Canada gets it.) In Manitoba it's called "Civic Holiday"... in other words, it's August and we want a holiday, whether or not there's a fancy name for it. I can't remember if American's get today off too... I don't think so. Sorry folks! It's so nice to have a long weekend in the stretch between the beginning of July (Canada Day / Independence Day) and Labour Day. You should talk your government into having one.

Today is nicely cool, so I think I'll start the day off by weeding the garden.


Katy said...

yes, we definitely need a Civic Holiday in August. The Europeans all go on vacation, and even the Canadians have a holiday, so why are the Americans holiday-less in August? Lame, I tell you! I'll be writing to my representatives. =)

Kelli said...

Eh, it's too hot here to do anything outside anyway. High today supposed to be near 100, and 102 (!!!) tomorrow. I'm wearing shorts to work. :-)