Sunday, August 05, 2007

Doing Stuff

This morning I washed the shower using a cleaner we got at Organza. It seems to work okay against general dirt and the pinkish stuff I think is due to the algae in the water, but I don't think it'll do squat against mildew. However, it *doesn't* kill my lungs the way other cleaners do. (The scent is annoying, but not lung-searing.) Perhaps if I use it frequently enough, the mildew won't grow?

After my shower I used water from the rain barrel to water the tomatoes and annuals. It looks like there's something nasty growing on the surface of the rain barrel water, but it shouldn't harm the garden in any way. I used most of a barrel today, and the other barrel was already half used from the last time I watered just the tomatoes. We could use some rain to refill the barrels. If I go by Murphey's Laws, it'll rain right after I water the garden with city water.

I feel like doing something, but it's hot out again. Not as hot as it was a week ago, but hotter than I'd like for weeding the garden, especially since it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow.

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