Saturday, August 18, 2007

How I Entertain Myself...

...between busy periods while manning the souvenir table at the Folklorama Russian Pavilion for my aunt:

1. Read the english-language children's books.

2. Make movies of the handmade walking cow toy:

Isn't physics great?!

3. Take photos of the tables for you:
Folklorama Russian Pavilion Souvanir Booth

4. Take photos of the amber jewelry I've been drooling over all week:
Amber Rings
Amber Jewelry
(Thankfully someone bought the ring that was my favourite, so now I'm not agonizing over whether to buy it. If you click to the Flickr page, there's a note marking my favourite.)

5. Take a random photo of the stuff that's meant to distract the kids while their parents are looking:
Kiddie Items
I sold that last busy-bug last night.

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