Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mmmmm... Yarn!

Finally! H's order from The Knitting Zone arrived yesterday. It sure took a while... perhaps the customs people couldn't part with the yarn? Does Canada Post have yarn junkies? Well, at any rate, our very yummy yarn finall arrived!!!
The Knitting Zone Order
Trust me... it's *much* yummier in person! The main reason for this order was for the pattern. Since they had a 9mm hook (we thought), and I only have a 10mm hook, we ordered that too. And the sock yarn? Well, since we were paying for shipping anyway, we might as well spread it around! ;) There's two pair for me (orange and teal), and two pair for H (purple and mint) there.

I remember wondering why their "I" hook was 9mm... but you know how American sizing can vary between brands. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact it was bamboo? They scaled all their hooks up so they were less fragile?

It turns out it is an I9 / 5.5mm! Aaargh!

Well, after a quick check at Ram Wools' web site, we see they have the correct size hooks. H calls, and they open at 10. It's 9:50... we look at each other, then hop in her car! Did we get the correct hook? Yes! Um... and perhaps a bit more:
Ram Wools Purchase
We got two 9mm hooks... the handmade birch hook looked like it might be awkward to use, so we also bought the crystallite (which has the annoying seam down the length). Then we also got some Rowan denim yarn for a hat for H's son C. And some sock yarn for H. (I'm very good at encouraging H to buy me yarn to make her stuff.)

On the way back we were passing through the Wolseley neighbourhood. H said "here's Wolseley," to which I responded "There's a yarn store here!" (Hearing the name reminded me.) So, of course, that necessitated a stop at Wolseley Wardrobe, which resulted in more sock yarn for H:
Wolseley Wardrobe Purchase

Had I realized we were doing a general yarn crawl, I would have mentined the sock yarn sale at Leona's Sweater and Wool shop... but we had already passed it between Ram Wools and Wolseley Wardrobe, and didn't feel like heading that way again.

We arrived back in the office at noon. Just in time to have lunch and start on the slippers for C:
Slippers Started
The birch hook is unusual, but I'm doing fine with it, so I think I'll stick with it. While using it, though, I keep thinking of Norse gnomes... ones that look like the plastic garden gnome in Amelie. (I have no idea if it is Norse or not, but that's what was in my head.) I now have an urge to make and sell painted wooden crochet hooks. ;)


jess said...

wow! lots of stashy enhancement! :)

Is all of the stuff for H actually for you to make things for H with? :) hee!

the idea of painted wooden hooks sounds really cute! :)

noricum said...

Yep. H doesn't knit or crochet... she buys the yarn, and I make things for her. :) Inexpensive for me, things get knit for her. We're both happy!

Jewels said...

ooh, I've been meaning to check out the Wolsely store but my holidays are slipping by so fast...

dragon knitter said...

sometimes you can "erase" t hose nasty seams with a nail file or emeryboard