Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm blogging from my new laptop... do I sound faster? ;) How about more compact, with lots of memory? Sleek and shiny? No? You can't see the difference? Oh well... I guess it must be the same old me at the keyboard. ;)

Just thought I'd say hi, while waiting for MacTex to download. (1.28 GB... that's one honkin' big package!)

I haven't used the auto-migrate yet... there's a bunch of old junk on the old laptop that I don't want migrated over here. I'll try it out in a bit, though, to see if I can select what does and doesn't come over. (It's been about six years since I last did this process... I forgot what the options are!)


Nicole MacDonald said...

Ooo shiny new laptop! very nice, we need a pic :)

Sara said...

Cool! I agree...we need a pic!