Monday, June 28, 2010


I just witnessed part of a car chase. I heard a bunch of squeals and pops, rather like when someone rear-ends someone else at the intersection near me... but several in a row... then an SUV sped off. Two cop cars sped *right* after it (I suspect they had been waiting for the vehicle, which did a u-turn when it saw them), then an unmarked car with lights flashing, then another cop car. I heard another set of sirens while typing this up.

Looking out my kitchen window, I couldn't tell if anything else had been damaged during the "squeal and pop" phase.

I hope they catch the idiot(s).

Update: Looks like it was a stolen car, just as I expected... and the "pops" were probably between the stolen car and a police car. Brief news article.


Nicole MacDonald said...

Oooh you really do have a busy wee neighbourhood :)

noricum said...

I face a busy street, and back into a quiet, isolated neighbourhood. The two directions of my apartment couldn't be more different!