Wednesday, June 09, 2010


While in the washroom a few minutes ago, I was doing what one does in the washroom. As I was finishing up, I moved in such a way that put strain on the zipper... and it decided to give. One of the teeth popped out, and the pull is now only attached to one side. I now have a paper towel tucked into my waistband, like a mini apron. I informed the student in my office that we will just pretend like it hasn't happened.

I can't wait to get home.

I travel home by public transit... but thankfully it's cool enough today that I brought a coat, and won't look strange if it's zipped up.

Note to self: keep one of those kilt pins rescued from a recycled skirt in the office.

Update: Photo of the stoooopid zipper:
Broken Zipper


Sara said...

Oh drat!

Nicole MacDonald said...

sounds like a 'buggar' moment (kiwi thing)

Prairie Chicken... said...

I hope you were wearing saucy panties today. bright red lacy ones.

c'mon then. put on a little show.

noricum said...

Sorry... good ol' cotton granny panties. They were pink, though.

Boy, am I ever glad I'm not the type to go commando!