Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yesterday's bike ride: 15.5 km.

Neighbours: I got a visit from one of my neighbours this morning (the rather nutty Mrs C). First she asked if I had seen J, the lady across the hall with all the problems. She wanted to know if J had paid me back, because she heard that J had finally received her child tax support back-payments. I said no, but I wasn't really worried about it. (I hadn't really expected to be paid when I did the babysitting, I did it to help out a neighbour in need. And I earn more than she does.) I think Mrs C was hoping I'd get on J's case to pay the both of us back. Sorry, crazy lady; if you want your money, you'll have to take it up with J... and given that I heard that Mrs C's daughter stole stuff from J (earrings, $50), I suspect that will be a tough battle.

Neighbourhood: You know that window sign I posted about this morning? Well, it was gone by this evening. Signs keep going up and then coming down. I wonder if there's multiple people living there, and they all have different opinions on the signs? Or if the person living there is just a paranoid nutjob? (He's installed all sorts of security cameras... maybe he didn't like my taking a picture?)


Nicole MacDonald said...

WOW! You're neighbourhood sounds so much more interesting than mine *grin* I just get visits from the IHC people next door when we leave our outdoor light on (and again 'it's our light, if we want to turn it on we're allowed'...)

noricum said...

IHC? I googled that... is that the nutcase group that thinks the world will end in 2012? :P

Leaving outdoor lights on is a *safety* measure! It allows emergency vehicles to see your house number, it deters thieves, etc! Sheesh. (We do use compact fluorescents in high-use areas, though.)