Saturday, June 19, 2010

I need a shower

This afternoon I went biking with my uncle again. (Yay! We're going again tomorrow if it isn't raining. :) ) We biked to The Forks (and a bit past) and back: 12 km. (The part where we lost the bike path added a wee bit to the distance.) It's the last day of the Truth and Reconciliation Event, so we got to see a bit of the pow wow.

After coming back, I started my laundry, and then took my caretaker for a walk. We had a longer walk that last time... about 50 minutes. (I know, because I was timing my laundry so I knew when to flip it.) We don't walk very fast, because he's not a fast walker. The mosquitoes were nuts out, and I have a zillion bites.

So... three reasons I want a shower: sweat, chain grease (not as much as last time, but both legs), and mosquito bites. However, my good towel, bathmat, etc, are all in the wash. *grump* Perhaps I'll figure out dinner while I wait.

While I was walking my caretaker, one of the things he told me is that the daughter of the couple in my building that gets drunk on occasion, who has basically been living here for a while, from what I can tell, works "the oldest profession there is". Ew. And apparently the guys below me have hired her. I'm not sure he knows this for sure, or just strongly suspects it... but still. Ew.

That reminds me... a guy from my credit union called last week, wanting to know if I wanted to invest some of that lump of cash sitting in my account not earning much interest. (He suggested a TFSA, but I've already maxed that out in another account that has higher interest rates.) I said that I wanted to keep that available, because I was hoping to buy a house once I had a higher income. He asked me a few questions... and it looks like I could actually get a house *now*, with my current income! (They can approve a mortgage that's a higher percentage of your income than what the online calculators say.) I still think I would like to have a higher income before buying a house, but it's something to think about...