Thursday, June 24, 2010

House down the street

House down the street

Remember that house I blogged about a while back, with the weird signs in the window? (I know I blogged about it before, but I can't find the post now. Found it!) Well, this sign seems to explain what happened... some guy (not the owner) tried to sell the house!


(In the "new toy" category... I used my new laptop and iPhoto to download the photo from the camera and upload it to Flickr, rather than how I used to do it!)


Nicole MacDonald said...

Ooo now thats interesting, so what the guy renting it tried to sell it? Or some random stranger like the guy who sold the pyramids and stuff to silly tourists??

noricum said...

I don't know the actual story, I just see a bizarre series of signs in the window! I suspect it was a renter or a long-term house sitter.

Prairie Chicken... said...


Anonymous said...

Believe me, someone use other houses to rent out, too. It s common happening at Winnipeg Kijiji