Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Find God

Living Water
For those who thirst

That is the text on the front of a book one of my students tried to give me yesterday, right as I was closing up the help centre, and thinking about the pile of papers I still had to review.

I told her I'm an atheist, I'd talk with her about it later, and try not to burn in hell before then. (She did her shy/nervous laugh at that.)

I foresee awkwardness.
1. I'm not supposed to accept gifts. (Yes, I realize that this is something that the religious groups give out for free, which kind of blurs the line on whether it's a "gift".)
2. I need her to feel comfortable coming to me to ask about computer science questions.
3. I have no desire to be "saved", and was brought up to believe that lying is wrong.
Hmmm... perhaps I should have a quick chat with my bosses.


jess said...

frankly, she is crossing a line -- which is frustrating. If she tries to give it to you again, I think I would just tell her you can't accept gifts and leave it at that. That way it shouldn't cause too much discomfort for her (or you). Good luck!

noricum said...

She came back today. I gave her the book back (it sat in the office overnight), and she accepted it back. Things seem to be fine.

Prairie Chicken... said...


geez I hate religious do-gooders who are endlessly trying to convert people.

Yes I have heard about Jesus and if I need to find him I'll know where to look.

I have a sticker on my mailbox of Jesus riding a dinosaur that says "no religious solicitation"