Monday, June 07, 2010


Yesterday I managed to make both banana muffins (saved for me!) and Granny's Chocolate Cobbler. Mmmmm! Chocolatey heaven in a pan! It had cooled down by the time I got to it, but it was still yummy! It's like a mash-up of moist chocolate cake and chocolate pudding. I can just imagine what it would be like served hot with ice cream!!!

I happened to have two "servings" let after the barbecue, and took them both in to work today... one for me, and one for H. Granny's Chocolate Cobbler sure makes a Monday better!

The barbecue was wonderful... just what I needed. Good food, good neighbours, and a perfect sunny day. :) One neighbour brought his deep fryer and made from-scratch fries and battered fried pickles! Amazing!

PS: Granny's chocolate cobbler is easy-peasy to make (if you brown sugar hasn't hardened into a lump like mine had). I didn't need to use the skim milk powder... I remembered I had buttermilk in the freezer, and that worked.


Anonymous said...

Sticky chocolatey goodness! Covers all calorie needs for a day on one serving! Amazing stuff.


Nicole MacDonald said...

*drool* chocolate! I'm so craving desserts at the moment - I blame the cold snap *grr*

Sara said...

oooo. Easily veganized! I have to try this.