Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ask, and ye shall receive

Apple's website shows much prettier pictures, but here's the new laptop (13" MacBook Pro) with the old one (15" Powerbook G4) for comparison.
IMG_3272 IMG_3271 IMG_3270 IMG_3269

Huh... Flickr is letting me try out its new interface now too... hopefully I won't implode from all this change! (I generally get stressed out by change. So far I'm hanging in there. ;) )


Nicole MacDonald said...

Very, very pretty :) And tiny!

Bethany said...

Ooo, shiny!

I also have the new Flickr interface... it was a little confusing, but it looks like now you can get the photo URL and HTML from the main photo page instead of having to go to "All Sizes" and then select a size... two fewer clicks!

noricum said...

Well, the menu involves just as many clicks, but you at least don't have to load new pages. ;)

Vik said...

Congratulations! Great acquisition!
ps: I love the new background.

Sara said...

Oooo! Ahhh!