Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I finally got to bed around 2 am. That meant four hours of sleep. I washed about half of my dishes last night: milk & juice jugs, water bottles, bowls, plates, and cutlery. That leaves glasses, pots, pans, cutting boards, cheese grater, and tupperware for today.

I knocked one glass over this morning while preparing lunch... it shattered. That's one fewer glass to wash, but cleaning up the shards took more time than washing. It was a glass I liked, but at least it wasn't wasn't of my way-cool-awesome vintage glasses.

The before-lunch tutoring session was cancelled, so my office hours plus tutoring time became a 1.5 hour nap on three chairs pushed together. I left the door open in case someone did happen to come by. I don't care who saw my feet sticking out from behind the desk.

The help centre is rather light today, which is kind of nice.

I suppose I should go mark that assignment... *sigh* (Whoops... people came in, and now it's time to leave for knitting. I guess I'll get that done tomorrow.)

H found some Lindt halloween candy on sale, and bought me some.
Lindt Halloween Chocolate
H is *awesome*!

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Karla said...

Cool! I'd never seen the Halloween Lindt those pumpkins!