Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's 10:50, and I'm finally home. For the second time, actually, but the first time was around 8:20, and only for long enough to gather my art show paintings, etc, plus putting some hangers on three. Then it was over to my mom's to pick up a protective sleeve, over to my dad's with the sleeve to pick up the painting I'm borrowing from him, back to my mom's to adjust the sleeve size (whoops), assemble a frame, and make one last pair of sleeves.

Although I'm home, I can't go to bed yet. I have to score, cut, and assemble my cards, assemble my magnets, cut my bookmarks, and label everything with prices. (Which, for the magnets, involves painting a white strip on the back to write on.) Oh... and prepare for tomorrow morning's class. Updated to add: And read and respond to forum and e-mail questions...

The question is, do I want dinner? I'm thinking just a bowl of cereal, but that will mean I won't have enough clean dishes for Saturday morning breakfast... there's no time tonight to wash dishes (please let there be enough time for a few hours of sleep!), and tomorrow night, besides a brief period at home to eat dinner (if I'm lucky), I won't be home until after 9 pm... probably closer to 9:30 pm or later.


I cancelled this morning's tutoring session, because I woke up feeling tired and stressed. I decided I needed the two extra hours of sleep more than I needed to keep my student happy. He replied to my e-mail, saying "okay but we will have to try and make up two hours next week some how." Yeah. Like I'm going to feel any less fried *after* working all weekend.

Please send sleep.


Sara said...

I don't know how you stay so sane with everything you do!

Word Verification: noncell- sound like a scientist's put down. "He's such a noncell"

noricum said...

Sanity? That's probably debatable... but not by me, because that would require brain power. (Three hours of sleep... *whimper*.)

I am a noncell.