Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Recycling Tip: Packing peanuts can be brought to your local UPS store for reuse.

Housekeeping Tip: Actually taking the packing peanuts to the UPS store reduces clutter.

Mailing Tip: Procrastinating on the housekeeping tip means you have a box and peanuts to use yourself when you need it. (Note to self: Actually finally take the other two boxes of peanuts to UPS... I don't need them in the foreseeable future, even with all the other stuff to mail.)

Question: Why does it take me an hour and a half to package something to mail? *sigh*

By my calculations, tomorrow I will be giving Canada Post approximately $35 of my hard-earned money. They better treat the package well... (That amount includes insurance, just in case they don't.)

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