Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It's 6:52 pm, and I'm still at work, prepping for teaching tomorrow. (Do you think my students appreciate the effort I put in? I sure hope so!) After I leave here, it'll still take another hour before I get home. *sigh*

Then, once I get home, I have a stack of dishes to wash, in order to have clean dishes for dinner and breakfast. *sigh* (I kept opting for small amounts of relaxation or sleep instead of clean dishes.)

I bought some chocolate covered almonds at 4:00 to keep me going until dinner. Just now I had my leftover yoghurt and orange juice from lunch. (After a BLT sub and a grapefruit, I wasn't that hungry, and didn't have time either. Grapefruit is nice, but takes too long to eat.)

MS Access is a pain in the tush. I've already figured out a bunch of stuff. Once I figure out queries, I'll let myself go home. *sigh* And here I was hoping for a relaxing night and early to bed. *grump* I wish there was Access for the mac so that I could at least be doing my class prep at home. (And no, it's not just me procrastinating... I did at least two and a half hours of prep yesterday, and probably about about four or five hours so far today, counting the bits of prep I managed to squeak between students in the help centre.) This week is *definitely* running over the 40 hour "full time" work week... without having any of the benefits of *actually* being a full time employee.

Well, whine-break is over. Back to work. *sigh*

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