Saturday, November 14, 2009


I finally feel like I can relax. This morning's demo went well, and I got a ton of fantastic comments on my artwork! I'm thrilled. :) I stuck around for the acrylics demo at 1 pm, but around 1:30 I felt myself "crashing"... even though I got eight hours of sleep last night, I still have an accumulated sleep debt. I tried sticking it out until the end of the demo, but I was feeling pretty woozy. So I bought the painting I had had my eye on (there are lots more that I would love to own, but don't have the money or wall space for), ate some dainties, then walked home. When I got my laundry downstairs, someone was just finishing the wash cycle, so that meant I could start napping right away! (Drying takes an hour, but the wash cycle is short enough that it's not really nap-worthy.) I think I've had three dryer-cycle naps this afternoon. ;) The second-last load is in the dryer now, so I'll still have all the laundry done fairly early. (Not that I've folded or made the bed with what's come out already.)

I think I'm going to take this evening off. I'll answer some student questions, and *maybe* do the dishes, but that's it. I need some relaxing "veg time". I'll probably regret that decision tomorrow evening... but that's life. Right now I'm starting dinner. Once it's ready, I'll put on some of the TV shows I recorded on Thursday and Friday, and pretend the outside world doesn't exist. :) Mmmm... knitting and TV!

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