Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, it finally happened. My headphones died. I was wondering when it would... the I could feel the plastic on the cords getting hard, and the foam covers were getting quite beat up. I still get sound out of one side, but the other side only gets sound if I hold the wire "just so", and don't jiggle it. I've been idly looking at what's available locally, and have just been frustrated that I really can't make a good judgment when they're encased in plastic. (The numbers don't mean much to me, and I certainly can't test how they feel.)

Anyone have a recommendation? These will be for my iPod. I can't use earbuds. I'd prefer something that isn't too clunky (for stowing away when I'm not using them) and works with hats. I mostly listen to podcasts, rather than music.

The pair I currently had are these ones by Koss. The only downside they had is that sometimes the ear clip would come off... although I somehow managed not to lose them (well, I lost one for a bit, but it was in my apartment, so I found it again).

I may see if I can find something decent at the mall before knitting... assuming I get enough class prep done that I can go tonight. :(

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