Saturday, November 21, 2009


My head *hurts*. I had a killer headache last night, and so took some tylenol before bed. It still hurts this morning, although perhaps slightly less than last night.

I've been having a bunch of headaches recently. Sometimes I take ibuprofen, sometimes I take tylenol. (I don't want to end up with a reaction headache to either, although I'm certainly not taking either on a daily basis or anything.)

I remember having headaches both days last weekend (ibuprofen each time), I remember taking ibuprofen for a headache at some point this week, and then last night I took tylenol. Three headaches in a week, with probably similar frequency before that, seems like an unusual number. I wonder what's causing them? I don't drink coffee, I rarely drink tea, but I do eat chocolate. And I'm certainly under stress. I am taking magnesium. Anyone have any suggestions?

Last night I was helping students until 6:15, then did a bit more work until 7:00. Then I caught the bus as far as the shopping centre with FutureShop. I picked up a few things at Dollarama, bought a pair of headphones, then, since I was there anyway, stopped in at the pet store to pet whatever animals I could get at without having to ask staff. (So, no puppies, but I petted bunnies, and stuck my fingers though the bars of the kittens' cages... I particularly liked the one that licked my fingers!) I left there a bit after 8:00, was home by shortly before 9:00, and couldn't keep my eyes open by 10:00. I was in bed by 10:30, and asleep shortly thereafter. I woke at 8 am, but rolled over and slept/dozed until noon. I was definitely in bad shape by yesterday afternoon (from stress, lack of sleep, and being overworked). My goal this weekend is to put myself back together as much as I can. (Putting myself back together completely will probably take more than just a weekend... especially since I have chores I need to do this weekend.)

*sigh*... anyone know a good house elf looking for a home? I promise to treat him/her well, and will give them lots of socks...


jess said...

hormonal fluctuation can cause headaches, and if you are cleanching/grinding your teeth at night (bruxism), that can cause headaches. These are two of my headache triggers. :(

I hope you feel better soon, A. :)

noricum said...

Thanks! I'm on the pill (for cramps), so that should give me fairly even hormones (I'd think). I don't *think* I grind my teeth at night, although I suspect tension is certainly contributing. I took a decongestant just now, in case that's a contributor... and as soon as I scrub my tub (heading there now), I'm going to have a hot bath, to see if that helps too.

Anonymous said...

My headaches tend to cluster, appearing daily for a few days before and the first day or two of my period. Excedrin Migraine or Extra Strenth Excedrin (they're the same thing, just with different packaging) usually kicks them -- tylenol or ibuprofen never does, unless it's a random tension headache not related to hormones. I get the headaches around the time of my period regardless of whether or not I'm on the Pill.

However, it sounds like yours may be spread out a bit much for them to be the same kind of thing.

Reading your post, I'm curious -- are you less allergic to animals now than you used to be? I'm surprised to hear you purposely went in a pet store and petted the kittens! :)

noricum said...

No, I'm still pretty allergic to cats, but I only touched them with my fingertips on one hand, and then tried not to touch my hand to my face on the trip home. ;) I just *needed* the mental effect of petting animals, and the puppies were all behind glass. (My dog allergy seems pretty much gone.)

Prairie Chicken... said...

I;m working thru a series of headaches that I've had for the last 10 days. I wonder if the changing of the seasons or a sudden change in atmospheric pressure is sending everyone into headache land?
Sometimes I rub peppermint lotion onto my forehead so it tingles... it helps relax me :)

noricum said...

Right... weather... I had forgotten that weather gives me headaches. That's probably it. Thanks for reminding me! :)