Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Opinion Poll

a) The person choosing the paint is at least partially colour blind.
b) The person was fooled by the tiny paint chips.
c) The paint was free or a cheap mis-tint.
d) The person doesn't care, and grabbed two random accent colours.
e) The person actually thinks that colour combination is a good idea.


jess said...

I bet it looks fantastic when everything is covered in snow!

Anonymous said...

How about:

The person is a leprechaun (hence, the screaming green) and is trying to draw attention to the house.


noricum said...

A leprechaun? Hmmm, there's a possibility. But then why the "burnt sienna" trim? (I think the green wouldn't be quite so bad if it wasn't for the "screaming rust" trim around the windows. Both colours are even more vibrant in person.)

Sara said...

a or c. I hope not e.

fledchen said...

I vote for "makes house easier to find in fog or a blizzard"

Karla said...

Hmmm...that is a bright green. I say get it over with and color the whole house that color! But seriously, I think it would make a great accent color rather than to be used for such a large expanse of wall.

Anonymous said...

probably bought it at Canadian Tire