Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I'm *wiped*.

I left campus at 8. On the bus ride home, my stomach was in turmoil from stress, and the late dinner probably didn't help any either. I decided on comfort food. Luckily, since I haven't made it since the cold weather left in the spring, the dishes necessary for risotto were clean. (Well, a few things I had to make do.)

I got home at 9 pm.

Mushrooms: check. (Luckily I still have a stash of dried ones, although I probably only have enough for one more meal after this.)

Onion: going a bit mouldy, but enough still good after trimming off the bad bits. Check.

Butter: butter can go mouldy?!? Trimmed the fuzzy bits off, was left with plenty.

Stock: only expired by a few days.

Arborio rice: thankfully, nothing wrong with the rice.

Gee, how can you tell that I haven't had time for real cooking in far too long?

It's now 10:37, and the risotto is only just ready. *sigh* I'm off to eat it now.

And no, I still don't have clean dishes for breakfast. My eyes are burning from exhaustion, but bed is still a ways off. :(

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Sara said...

Hugs for you. I hope you can get some rest this week-end.