Thursday, February 05, 2009

Won't you be my neighbour?

Looking for a two bedroom apartment within easy distance of downtown? I'm hoping to find a neighbour that I like better than the ones my landlord seems to end up with. ;)

No smoking, no pets (the building is becoming smoking/pet free as tenants move out), top floor of a three story building. The suite is being renovated right now: new windows, floors refinished, and kitchen updated (if I remember correctly). There's storage and laundry in the basement. Heat and water are included in the rent. Let me know if you're interested and have questions... I can either put you in touch with my landlord, or answer them myself.

Available March 1.


Muriel said...

I saw that you put some comments on my pottery.
Thank you, it is always nice to have some feedback.
It is hard sometimes to be objective with what one makes and know what is nice.

noricum said...

I *love* pottery. :) Would you be interested in trading a pair of crocheted socks for something like the dish or the cup I commented on?

Muriel said...

Of course, I love knitted things.
Can I choose the whool and the color of my socks ?

So let me tell you my little secrets about the two things you commented on.

- The plate with leaves: it is too thin, that is more pretty but it would break if transported or in the washing machine.
If you choose that, I'll make it a little more thick.
It may be a little different because I can't make exactly the same, but I'll keep making it until you like it.

-the cup: If I understood well, what you like is the glazing, blue inside, golden brown on the outside.
The cup on itself is not very practical as it is not very big, and it is a little heavy.
So I use it to brush my teeth ;-)
I would suggest that I make one either like a matcha bowl, quiet large and you can have a good bowl of herbal tea or something, or bigger but on the way up.
On either case I would make the glazing you like.

Oush I forgot a little detail, I am using a red clay now (I was using a a slightly yellow one before), that may not be a problem for the cup, but the plate may end up much darker ... Whatever, I thought of maybe getting some very white clay at some point, but it would be whiter in this case. Let me know what you prefer and if you prefer the plate or the bowl or if you want both.

It will take approximately three weeks to make it, and I have to finish something else first, and I will travel beginning of March.
Are you in a hurry ?
I don't know if you are familiar with pottery, but I have to prepare the clay, make the thing, have it to dry a little, work more on it, wait a few days that it dries completely, fire it, glaze it, fire it again.
The firing is once a week, that is why it would take no less than three weeks.

Muriel said...

For the socks, I would like a blend of light pink and pink (no salmon pink). with a wool that is very soft and warm but not too light. If possible I would like the socks to be reasonably thick, to warm my feet at home. Is that possible ? I very easily get cold feet. I can pay for the wool if I am asking for something you don't use and/or is expensive.