Saturday, February 14, 2009


(Freedback) Blogger still won't let me at the Dashboard, so I'm posting this by e-mail again. *sigh* I tried using the "contact us" link, but, after answering a bunch of questions, there wasn't a form to write a description and submit! I found a forum where some people are having the same problems, but I can't seem to post there either. Grrr. Hopefully they'll notice and fix things. (As evidenced by the last post, I can't use html tags when posting by e-mail, and I can't use post tags, or edit posts either.)

It turns out all my batteries are dead. Well... all the AAA ones are, so I can't turn on my new thermometer that I got for my birthday. *pout*

I'll be hooking up my new iPod speakers later today so that I can listen to podcasts while washing dishes. Hopefully the tech-gremlin that's haunting me right now will be gone by then. ;)

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